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Making your dental visit more comfortable:   


We know that many people are fearful of dental procedures and experience anxiety before and during their dental visit. To make your visit more enjoyable and relaxing we offer various methods to reduce patient stress.  You’ll be able to hear, see and respond to the action taking place around you in the dental office, but you are much less likely to experience anxiety.  Methods to relieve anxiety during a dental appointment are Oral anxiolytics, Inhalation, or IV. 

Computerized Local Anesthetic Administration which is more comfortable and virtually pain free.  This type of injection helps any anxiety and makes you better able to relax during your procedure.

Beautiful new smile

Our methods to reduce or eliminate anxiety are designed for patients who experience the following:

  • Experience difficulty staying numb during dental procedures
  • Have complex dental problems
  • Are prone to moderate to severe general anxiety
  • Experience fear of dental procedures
  • Have a highly sensitive gag reflex   
  • Have extra sensitive teeth and gums
  • Dislike dental noises, smells and tastes